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"Divine Realm" Taster

Author: Ray
Fandom: Original
Pairings: None
Summary:The ancient land of Aerix is in danger of being destroyed by a banished demon. The only person that can save it has never even left his village, and is oblivious to his true heritage. With the help of 3 friends, Felix must gather the eight gems before the sacred seal is broken. But with a power-hungry ruler and a fierce gang of thieves as competition, can he do it?
Status: Incomplete
Warnings: None
Notes: Inspired a little by 'The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time' for the Nintendo 64.

Chapter 4, "Saul, The Thief"

"The Black Falcons are after the temple stones." Saul's tone was flat and even, almost as though he was using the statement to measure the trio's reactions.

Clayton's eyes grew in horror, and Irma stared at the thief in disbelief.

Felix stepped forward, "What do you mean?"

"That's what you're after, isn't it? The temple stones to open that secret place, the 'Divine Realm'?"

"How do you know about the realm?"

"I travel a lotů Hear things - mostly just stupid rumours about magical things. This time though, the talk got the Falcons real excited. Something about the heir of a great magician coming to save the world from the evil in the Divine Realm. Some of the gang's clients, the real bad sort, are paying big money for them to collect the stones before the heir does - guessing that's you - and last I heard they all but leapt on the chance of that cash."

"Is that why you left? Because the Falcons are dealing with these 'bad' people?" Irma was testing Saul's loyalty, and was fully aware that he knew it.

"The reason for my leaving is nothing to do with you." The reply was bitter and paired with a glare sharp enough to make Irma flinch.

Felix hadn"t spoken yet, and he lifted a thoughtful gaze to Saul. He took in the obvious about him - he was a thief, so would be able to fight. He seemed to know his way around Aerix quite well and likely knew about more places than Clayton did. His past affiliations probably meant that he still had some strong connections in some of the towns, so would certainly be useful in getting information if they needed it. There was one thing Felix didn't understand about him though, and he took another step towards Saul before talking.

"From what I know, a thief would never work for free. What exactly are you offering us and what for?"

Saul's mouth shot into a grin so fast that Felix worried his face might snap under the strain.

"I'm offering whatever it is you think I'm offering, I don't care. What I want is to keep any valuable stuff you lot end up finding on your adventure. I mean, isn't like respectful people like yourselves are going to want it, is it?"

"And in return, you'll pledge loyalty to the three of us, to the Ribbon, and also tell us everything you know about the stones and the people trying to stop us." Felix wondered if he was treading on thin ground by asking the thief to talk.

"You have a deal." Saul held out his hand to shake the deal with Felix, but was stopped by Irma's sword at his throat.

"From what I know, a thief has no sense of loyalty. I don't believe in whatever you just pledged to us, so don't think you're being trusted. One wrong move and you"re a dead man, is that clear?"

"Crystal." Saul gave another grin but Irma remained angry. She wasn't happy with Felix's choice to let the thief join them, but wasn't about to argue without first finding out why he was so willing to accept Saul. She sheathed her sword and mounted her horse without a word.

"So, where are we headed now?" Clayton asked.

"Personally, I think you should consider back tracking to Tanbury."

"Only because you have a deal with some old man. No, we're going to the Narhol desert and the temple there. Clayton?"

Saul interrupted before the navigator could speak, "You'll never get through the desert without help. I still say Tanbury."

"I suppose this 'Pablo' of yours will be the man doing the helping?"

"You can suppose whatever you like, girl, but Tanbury is where we're going."

Everything above was written by my own hand and imagination. Do not copy any of my work without permission or even attempt to claim it as your own. I know my writing when I see it.

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