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White Wasp
Equipped with a faulty ability to see the future and her very own vampire sidekick, Harriet Morris, Paranormal Investigator, is ready to take on the supernatural world. She doesn't realise that her constant bad luck with werewolves and the fact that her cat has started talking to her may well become the least of her problems.
Is there a priest in the building?
incomplete, supernatural, violence(omg), etc

Divine Realm
The ancient land of Aerix is in danger of being destroyed by a banished demon. The only person that can save it has never even left his village, and is oblivious to his true heritage. With the help of 3 friends, Felix must gather the eight gems before the sacred seal is broken.
But with a power-hungry ruler and a fierce gang of thieves as competition, can he do it?

An assasain should not care about others. One member of a group resents this rule, he cares a lot.
death, blood, etc

Cursed Writer
She writes novels. She lives in illusion. She is cursed...

Nightmare World
A girl describes the Earth as it is, in her time. The world has become a nightmare.
drabble, blood

A young woman ponders how a small, naive boy can know so much about life, about destiny.
drabble, death

Didn't You?
When he left her, he said she would give up. She didn't give up, she lost it.
drabble (100 words)


Everything above was written by my own hand and imagination. Do not copy any of my work without permission or even attempt to claim it as your own. I know my writing when I see it.