Newest work is at the top of the list. Most of this is edited a little in Photoshop, but since I know that if I ever become really good at photography I'll still tweak things in Photoshop then I don't see any problems using it now.

My favourites get uploaded onto my deviantART account as well.

Henley: 19 October 2010
Day out in Henley for yet again more DLSR playing.

DSLR Testing - Outside: October 2010
More testing out the Nikon - a beetle, a spider and nighttime.

DSLR Testing - Cats: September/October 2010
Messing around with the cats when I first got my Nikon D90 SLR camera.

London: 26 June 2010
Day visit to London to go see St Paul's Cathedral. Just the Samsung again.

Bath: 14-16 February 2010
Weekend trip as a Valentine's Day present to myself. Equipped with a city map and my little Samsung ES55 digital camera.

Random Photo Dump: 2009 and Older
A few shots that I really like but that weren't taken for any particular reason.


All photos shown here were taken by myself. Do not copy any of my work without permission or even attempt to claim it as your own. I know my work when I see it.