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"Scared Now" Taster

Author: Ray
Fandom: Battle Royale
Pairings: None, just friends.
Summary:The year is 2043, roughly 11 years since the GNE (Government of the New Earth) came into existence. And it's time for this year's class to be put through the game. It's time for 9th grade class 2C of Old London Highschool to play Battle Royale. Who do you think the winner will be?
Status: Incomplete
Warnings: Death, blood, etc
Notes: Following the crowd, I know.

Unnamed Chapter (near beginning)

According to the device, there was a person in the building marked on her map as nothing more than a small blue square. She was currently hunched over in the shrubbery lining the path leading into the evacuated village. Her muscles were cramped up from being in the same position for so long. A while ago she had heard gunshots not far off, and had hidden. She was sure that whoever was in the building had come from the direction of the shots, and was still hesitant on whether or not it would be good to go seek them out. What if they were the shooter, and not the victim? 'But if they were the victim, they may need medical care.' She flicked a button on the side of the tracker a few times in order to zoom as close as possible onto the building. The person inside had been still for nearly an hour, and was now moving around again. The silence of sitting and watching was eating away at Kim's mind, and she decided to simply take the plunge. 'If I don't find anyone, it's likely I'll die here anyway...'

Creeping down the path, she neared the building, which looked more like some sort of old trailer the closer she got to it, and stopped to listen. There was no noise, nothing to indicate that she had been noticed, 'unless whoever is inside is trained for this sort of thing'. She slowly approached the door, when something caught around her foot. She looked down and saw herself entangled in some sort of wire. A moment of senselessness made her shake her leg to try to remove the offending wire, and her head snapped up as a jangling erupted somewhere inside the trailer. 'A trip wire? Damn it all!' It was only a few seconds before she was face to face with the cold metal of a shotgun. She looked up the barrel and found herself looking into a pair of sharp cold eyes. The silence hung like a thick cloud. Kim didn't even dare breathe, afraid that the slightest movement would cause that finger on the trigger to move.

"What weapons do you have?" A voice as sharp and cutting as the eyes demanded.

"I..." Kim slowly raised her hand showing the GPRS device, "Just this, a tracker."

"Just that?"

"Yes. Nothing else, I swear it."

"I see..." The gun was lowered slightly, and its owner seemed to contemplate something for a second, "Get in, quick."

"Huh?" Relief at not having to look down the shotgun anymore had almost stunned Kim to silence. She stood still.

"Get your foot out of that and get in. Quickly." He gunner took a few steps from the doorway and looked around the area. Upon seeing the new arrival still not doing anything, she swung the shotgun back up to Kim's face and growled "Move!"

Everything above was written by my own hand and imagination. Do not copy any of my work without permission or even attempt to claim it as your own. I know my writing when I see it.

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