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Halloween Tradition
Boris doesn't like celebrations and doesn't want anything to do with them. One simple tradition changes his mind.
beyblade, drabble, halloween

Once Upon A Winter's Day
Three years after the Bladebreakers won their first World Championship against the then Demolition Boys, Rei is living happily in a shared home with the rest of the team. However, something is bothering him - even with the BBA's constant nagging about the need for friendship building with the rest of the championship teams, Rei's old friends still can't shake the grudges they hold against the Demolition Boys. Having had enough, Rei has taken it upon himself to fly to Russia and personally apologise to them for the White Tiger's behaviour, and there's one Russian in particular that he definately needs to see.
beyblade, incomplete, yaoi, au-ish

The tale of Yuriy Ivanov as he struggles through the harsh life of Balkov Abbey. From being sold as a child, to meeting the team he would captain in the future, the loss and gain of his best friend, and finally to Vladimir Balkov's arrest and the Demolition Boy's freedom. Told by Yuriy himself.
beyblade, incomplete, yaoi, au-ish, first person, abuse, disturbing, etc

Scared Now?
The year is 2043, roughly 11 years since the GNE (Government of the New Earth) came into existence. And it's time for this year's class to be put through the game. It's time for 9th grade class 2C of Old London Highschool to play Battle Royale. Who do you think the winner will be?
battle royale, incomplete, death, blood, etc


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