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"Once Upon a Winter's Day" Taster

Author: Ray
Fandom: Bakuten Shoot Beyblade
Pairings: Boris/Rei
Summary:Three years after the Bladebreakers won their first World Championship against the then Demolition Boys, Rei is living happily in a shared home with the rest of the team. However, something is bothering him - even with the BBA's constant nagging about the need for friendship building with the rest of the championship teams, Rei's old friends still can't shake the grudges they hold against the Demolition Boys. Having had enough, Rei has taken it upon himself to fly to Russia and personally apologise to them for the White Tiger's behaviour, and there's one Russian in particular that he definately needs to see.
Status: Incomplete
Warnings: Yaoi, AU-ish
Notes: Using original character names, not the dubbed versions.

Chapter 3, "Saint Nicholas’ Cemetary"

He couldn't remember falling asleep, but the first thing Rei heard was a very loud, very out-of-tune, very intoxicated voice singing some rock song that he faintly recognised from the phone-call with Yuriy. Sure enough, the redhead turned the corner a minute later. Grabbing the wrought iron fence in one hand, he swung around so violently, Rei was surprised he didn't fall face-flat on the ground. The next thing he knew, he was half-standing, half-sitting, with his arms full of drunken Russian. It took a further 20 minutes to calm Yuriy down enough to be able to get some decent sentences out of him. Rei had to admit, he was taken aback by how happy Yuriy was to see him, it may have been a year-and-a-half, but it wasn't as if they really talked before anyway. Still, Yuriy's eagerness to talk to him helped oppress the feelings of fear and loneliness that had been hanging in his mind.

The two sat in front of the gate, huddled on Rei's suitcase, for much longer than Rei would have liked. He brought Yuriy up-to-date on the Bladebreakers, though he seemed to be interested mostly in Kai, and told him about how he felt it was up to him to say sorry for the White Tigers' behaviour. Yuriy tried to persuade him that it wasn't necessary, that the Tigers had an acceptable reason to be angry, but was content to sit and listen to Rei's lengthy apology anyway. He felt somewhat sympathetic for the Chinese boy; coming into Russia with no knowledge of anything really, just so he could apologise. It had been a damned brave thing for him to do, and he fully respected Rei for pulling it off. He felt sorry for him though, having to do it alone, when really he wasn't the one that had been in the wrong. He jumped slightly when he realised he had just been staring down at Rei during his thinking. The neko-jin shifted uncomfortably and got up. Yuriy offered to take his luggage, and Rei, now thoroughly fed up with the damned country, let him do so.

They walked in silence for a bit, crossing roads and turning corners every now-and-then. Rei opened his mouth to speak and collided with Yuriy, who had suddenly stopped under a street sign. The way he was staring at one of the names with his face twisted in thought made Rei scared, scared that Yuriy had got them both lost, and scared that they were going to end up sleeping in some alley for the night. It was already dark, the snow hadn't stopped falling, and Rei had particularly hoped that he would be in an apartment somewhere, preferably Boris's, curled up in front of a fire, or heater at least. Obviously that was not going to be the case. He jogged on the spot in a vain attempt to warm his legs up, as Yuriy continued to stare at the sign. Rei snapped.

"Damn, Yuriy! If you've got us lost or anything, I swear I'm going to--"

"You want to stay at mine tonight?"

The abruptness of the question left Rei stunned for a few seconds, as his mind tried to work out the best answer. 'What? Why can't we walk to Boris' apartment?' It wasn't that Rei didn't trust the redhead; the idea of spending a night with him when he had originally intended to go elsewhere just seemed a little absurd.

Yuriy must have read Rei's mind. "Boris' place is another good three-quarter-hour walk away, and I'm out of change for a Taxi. Mine's only about 10 minutes from here, and you look pretty damn soaked." Rei snorted. "Hey, I'm only saying. I don't mind walking you if you really want to; if I'm lucky he might let me spend the night too, save me walking back."

"No, you're right. I really wouldn't mind changing out of all this." Rei gestured to his sopping outfit that was now clinging mercilessly to his skin. "If it's not too much trouble, then... I wouldn't mind staying with you."

Yuriy's face split into a huge grin, making him look something akin to Max on a sugar-high. He took Rei's hand firmly in his own. "Good! We'll get there quicker if we run, you know?"

Rei hardly had enough time to process what the Russian had just suggested before he was dragged down the street in a full-on sprint. He looked up from his feet quickly to see that the grin hadn't removed itself from Yuriy's lips, and didn't seem as if it would be doing so any time soon. He diverted his attention back down as he felt his foot catch on more ice. He stumbled, and was yanked back up sharply before being forced to run again. When he was finally pulled to a stop outside a small, somewhat run-down apartment block, he slumped against the wall and tried to regain his breath. Yuriy opened the door and led him in, laughing when the younger let out a squeal of joy after being told that they wouldn't have to climb any stairs. The Russian fumbled with his keys for a few seconds before finally managing to get the door open. Rei took his luggage and followed him.

Everything above was written by my own hand and imagination. Do not copy any of my work without permission or even attempt to claim it as your own. I know my writing when I see it.

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